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The End is Near March 19, 2009

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No, not that end. Ski season is almost over! Closing Day is such a sad day. This year we get a bonus after closing as we have an Employee Ski Day where the lifts will be running just for us. We’re all required to wear a costume and we have a huge BBQ on the deck. I’m thinking I’ll be skiing as an 80s aerobic instructor. I have these incredible lycra capris with one teal leg and the other purple. Those HAVE to go to good use. The question is…do people really need to see that?


But now the summer transition begins. I’m NOT looking forward to 100 degree temperatures…or the comeback of my “Chaco-funk”…or the comeback of spiders (devil bugs). BUT it means backpacking, 14er trips, rafting, festivals, baseball, BBQs and late night bike rides. Oh and my legs will be reintroduced to sunlight…watch your eyes!


My two backpacking/14er friends also have 3 day weekends so the potential for Best Summer Ever is absolutely there. Dang, I hope that didn’t jinx it…


Plans include:

2 weeks in Uganda
A weekend of rafting in Bozeman
A weekend of “culture” in Denver (because more than a few people say I need it…however I’m sure I’ll devastate them by attending a Rockies game as well)
A Mariners game in Seattle because Griffey is back!
At least summit 4 more 14ers
Backpacking all over Colorado
Visiting family in Sheridan
Finishing Cloud Peak outside Sheridan
The “mob” trip to Moab


It’s like school is about to be out for summer! And now that song is stuck in my head…..and yours too.

You’re welcome.


2 Responses to “The End is Near”

  1. dan Says:

    i hate no snow. but you did make some solid points.
    seattle here we come!

    oh, btw, saw a spider on the news that once it bites you, you die in 20 minutes…. awesome.

  2. One question: When shall you find time to breathe……….???
    It sounds like a full summer. And then to think that the snow will be back and you will be back to serious work on the slopes. Oh yeah!

    Neat blog, Sarah. We always enjoy them

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