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Antelope Butte Update March 17, 2009

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For those that don’t know who this goofy girl is that keeps posting about Antelope Butte (lots of Sheridan people have been on the blog), my name is Sarah Allen and I grew up in Sheridan. Learned to ski at Antelope and would fly up there in a heartbeat to ski it again! Now I work as the marketing director for Powderhorn Resort in Colorado. I get lots of industry emails and, to my excitement, they are posting regular updates on Antelope. Here’s the latest:



A group of mental health professionals is thinking about buying the Antelope Butte, WY ski area, according to published reports. Gib Condie is a psychologist with the Big Horn Basin Mental Health Group.

The group has expressed interest in buying the defunct ski area for the appraised value of $225,000. The lifts at Antelope Butte haven’t run since 2004. The ski area has no snowmaking ability and a dilapidated day lodge. The group would use the area in the summer as a base camp for youth hikes and retreats for at-risk children. The group also would lease the facilities for festivals, family reunions and other gatherings. The plan would be to generate enough revenue in the summer to carry the ski area through the winter.


There’s a Facebook group if you want to throw your support in and keep up to date


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