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Keystone March 2, 2009

Filed under: Skiing — sarahallen24 @ 4:25 pm

For the first time this season, I got a Saturday AND Sunday off! The perfect way to spend it was with friends, skiing Keystone. We rented a condo at the base area and skied our legs to jello. My goggle tan is coming in nicely.

At the top of Keystone. Behind me is the Breckenridge area and some 14ers.


Found some good snow in the trees…and another great view


I’ve never night skied before and Keystone is the only resort in the state that offers it. So after skiing all day, we took a break for some food and then went back out as the sun set. It was so cool!


It’s really weird to be riding a chairlift in pitch dark. Such a cool experience being able to star gaze on the way up and ski till 8:00 at night.


I love Colorado…


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