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Save Antelope Butte February 26, 2009

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Hey Sheridan folks listen up! Got this in an industry email today-



A grass-roots effort is under way to reopen the Antelope Butte Ski Area in northern Wyoming, according to published reports. More than 40 people turned out recently for a meeting about the ski area west of Sheridan. The lifts at Antelope Butte haven’t run since 2004. Organizer Terri Dahlin of Sheridan County and others believe the ski area is a community resource that should be saved. Antelope Butte sits on US Forest Service land and has two lifts and 16 named trails. It has no snowmaking ability and a dilapidated day lodge. If an operator can’t be found, the Forest Service will be forced to dismantle the lifts due to liability issues.


My family is a part of the team trying to get things moving for Antelope. If you loved skiing there, do anything you can to help too!




One Response to “Save Antelope Butte”

  1. Terri Dahlin Says:

    Thanks for the support everyone! There may be some great options for the area in the works, and we hope to have outstanding news for everyone concerned with our area soon!

    Thank You!
    Terri Dahlin

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