Getting humbled, one way or another

Support Update February 25, 2009

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Just wanted to give a quick update on the support raising for Uganda. I’m humbled every time I open another envelope. Thanks to all of you, I now have $2,955! Just $345 to go! THANK YOU again to all of you that have given toward this amazing trip. As I’ve said before, this is not a gift to me but instead it’s provision for literally hundreds of people to getting to hear the gospel! I pray that God would bless each of you for your generosity.


We had a training meeting on Saturday night where we were able to ask questions and discuss more in-depth what we’ll be doing. I left the meeting both excited and intimidated! There’s a lot of preparation to do.


Tomorrow I begin getting my shots. Not going to lie, a little freaked out! I haven’t had a shot in probably 8-9 years….


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