Getting humbled, one way or another

Copper Mountain February 20, 2009

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Yet another reason why my job doesn’t suck…

The marketing directors from each resort in the state got together for some meetings yesterday at Copper Mountain. Eventhough we are competing against each other, we all work very well as a team. They’re a great bunch of people!

In order to milk the trip as much as possible, I went over a day early so I could get some skiing in. I’ve been skiing a lot of trees and groomers lately at Powderhorn so I decided to ski only black and double blacks for as much of the day as possible. I quickly made my way to the back bowl of Copper and skied some fun runs starting at this cornice drop-in.


Ski Patrol was doing avalanche blasting on the other wall. It was like WW3 out there! I’m glad one didn’t go off while I was skiing…they were so loud I probably would have crashed! But you could see them working and nothing was sliding so that meant one thing….the terrain was going to open soon! Copper offers free snowcat rides to the saddle of a ridge. From there you can hike up Tucker Mountain to 12,400 feet and drop into different runs. I jumped in line right away!


With the wind chill the temperatures were below zero. The hike warmed up my core, but my toes and fingers went completely numb. It took awhile to get the blood flowing again, and when I did, it was SO painful! My face was exposed and I was getting some sharp pains in my cheeks…so I thought I better get off that mountain. The sun popped out on top for just long enough to snap this picture before I skied down.


By 3pm I was worn out and freezing, so I made my way to my sweet hotel room that looked over the whole base area and halfpipe. This is cool until 3am when the snowcats are constantly running past your hotel room and waking you up!


Now I’m back at work preparing for a busy weekend. I’ll be running a terrain park event tomorrow and grilling hot dogs for the competitors, then we have our first big training for the Uganda trip tomorrow night. I’m excited!


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