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Geeking Out February 17, 2009

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 I ordered a new do-dad. This new do-dad will make me even geekier than I currently am. I began wondering today, when did all this happen? How did I get from using computers to play Oregon Trail and Solitare to blogs, web editing, twitter, and facebook?


The new do-dad is an iPod Touch. Apparently these things can do everything except wipe your bum. Apple is probably already at work though on some device that can do that for you too. But hopefully this new device will keep me entertained when travelling. I’m intimidated by those 8 hour plane rides I have coming up in a couple months. So the Touch will let me download music, movies, tv shows and books that should help keep me busy. I’ll also be able to use it for email, snow reports, pictures and other random things.


I just hope that it’s easy to setup and learn. I remember getting my first iPod. The commercials all make it look so easy. Just plug it into your computer and download music. Well if they mean:


plug it into your computer
install a bunch of crap
buy music
create playlist
load to iPod
get a “Cannot read” sign
curse iPod
curse Apple
curse Steve Jobs
kick computer


I think you see where this is going. So my hope is that this is easier. If not, I’ll be making a trip to Apple headquarters.


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