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The V Word February 12, 2009

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Valentine’s Day is coming up…it’s that time of year for us single gals to buy ourselves the Hershey kiss as big as our head and hunker down until the storm passes. It’s best to avoid all chick flicks at this time.


Many bitterly throw around the term ‘Singles Awareness Day’ but it’s honestly never bothered me too much. There are plenty of other times each year that I’m reminded of my singleness. But hey, it happens when it happens right?


The whole holiday has never really appealed to me. I don’t particularly enjoy receiving flowers. They’re nice, but the money could be better spent elsewhere. Getting a card with a naked baby and his trusty bow & arrow….kinda odd. Dinner and a movie? You can do that any night. Jewelry? Not a huge fan either. Again, the money could be better spent. I’m not even a fan of the color red. Wow, is there a bah humbug for Valentine’s Day?


At this time I must pause to say- GUYS I AM THE LOWEST MAINTENANCE GIRL EVER! Did you just hear that? No buying flowers, no expensive earrings, no humiliation of standing in the checkout line with that massive teddy bear. Let’s just go skiing or watch a movie on the couch. Seriously, I’m your dream come true.


As I understand it, Valentine’s Day comes from St. Valentine and he’s that guy who started The Bachelor. For over 5 years now, this holiday has been celebrating his knack for bubbly blonds and hot tub romance. Ok maybe the tradition is a little older than that.


Others say it’s a holiday created purely by the folks at Hallmark. If so, they are the best marketing team that ever lived! If my career could culminate in a new national holiday, I’d say I was a success. Maybe I can start a holiday for snowriders. National Snow Day! Banks, schools, everything closes and you are required to go play in the snow. If you live in Florida or someplace warm, you must make a trip to the mountains. Now that would be some economic stimulus.


I should end this rambling tangent and sorry excuse for a blog post. To all the couples out there, enjoy your mandatory date night! To my single friends, enjoy the chocolate and fight the good fight against all those Kay Jewelers commercials!


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