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Moonlight Skiing & Aspen February 9, 2009

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What a crazy good weekend! About 20 of us went moonlight cross country skiing on the mesa on Saturday night. The clouds parted a bit and gave us a lot of light so no headlamps were needed. There was a lot of floundering, lots of laughing, lots of gasoline and consequently…lots of fire.



Went to Aspen on Sunday just to get out of town. Carrie and Leah + Trudy the giant dog accompanied. Caught the Aspen/Snowmass Open…much more laid back than the X Games!



Olympic bronze medalist JJ Thomas


Some guy that’s good


Some other guy that’s good


Ski Slopestyle



The slopestyle course was claiming lives yesterday. Right when we got there, a girl came up short on the last jump and was hurt bad. We could hear her screaming from the parking lot, it was aweful. Hope she’s ok! We were right next to the last jump when a guy landed hard on his side on the deck. You could hear him hit…again, aweful. We decided not long after to head into town. Did lots of window shopping…found a fur coat on sale fo $1,888 but I figured I don’t need another fur coat so I passed 😉

And it finally snowed again here at work so I’ll definitely be skiing today!


2 Responses to “Moonlight Skiing & Aspen”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    yes sarah…the thumbs up sign is waaay cooler that the peace sign

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