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Most Random Update Ever February 7, 2009

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You should be able to tell what my profession is by the title of this post. I really enjoy hyping things to the point of no return. Hey, anything worth doing is worth overdoing.


The support raising for Uganda is going well. I have $1175 right now and the goal is $3300. Thanks SO much to all who’ve jumped on board!


Still need to get my shots arranged (there’s 7)…somehow that little task is easy to put off…


For some reason it has quit snowing in Colorado. And that, my friends, is stupid.


Really looking forward to going Moonlight Cross Country skiing tonight with the gang. Unfortunately its cloudy (hoping for snow!) so there’ll be no moonlight. Taking head lamps and going to have a bonfire though. I’ll post pictures!


Also looking forward to Aspen tomorrow. Going to watch some of the Aspen/Snowmass Open, throw a wave at my cousin who’ll be working hard, and goofing around town. A non-skiing trip to Aspen…weird. Post pics of that too.


Just read SexGod by Rob Bell. It’s not as scandalous as it sounds. It’s actually just about all relationships and how everything is connected to God. Super good read.


Planned some ski trips- one to Telluride to ski with the Aspen girls. And the other is an actual, FULL weekend (not typical) in Keystone to meet up with a bunch of friends from all over CO. Also found out I gotta be at some meetings in Denver in a couple weeks….so naturally I’m arranging time to ski somewhere along the way. Suggestions?


I discovered this week that plain yogurt is absolutely the worst tasting form of “food” I’ve experienced. What I meant to buy was vanilla…dangit!


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