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Skiing the Southern Land January 20, 2009

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Thankfully I was able to escape Powderhorn for a weekend and ski with my Dad at a new area. We stayed in Pagosa Springs (right next to the hot springs which was awesome at the end of the day) and skied Wolf Creek.

The drive to Wolf Creek from GJ takes you over Red Mountain Pass, Molas Pass and Coal Bank Pass. If it snows, you can bet it’s closed. Red Mtn is always scary just because it drops off so sharply that there isn’t even room for guard rails! Plus there are avalanches all the time. It’s incredibly beautiful though….



Turns out Wolf Creek is basically an annex of Texas….at least on this weekend it was! But we headed to the areas of the mountain where beginners don’t travel and that freed us from the riff-raff. Hiking the ridge was awesome.


Dad and I at the top

The next day we all decided to drive down to Taos, NM and check it out. None of us had ever been there so we were excited. It hadn’t snowed anywhere down there for at least a week….so we were shocked when we got halfway there and the road was CLOSED! Apparently due to huge snow drifts that they hadn’t gotten around to clearing up. This was a seriously po-dunk area. The only other option was to drive almost to Santa Fe and then backtrack…so we gave up instead. Dad and I went cross-country skiing. Too bad I don’t have photos of that because I looked rediculous! It’s weird not having your heels attached to the ski so I was floundering all over the place. But I managed to get it somewhat under control and go for about 4 miles.

On the way home I decided to pull over at Durango Mtn Resort (Purgatory) and ski for awhile. This is another mountain I’ve never skied and was pleasantly suprised! The view from the top is pretty amazing.


And now I’m back at work…where it’s 50 degrees at the mountain! What the heck is that?!


2 Responses to “Skiing the Southern Land”


    Sarah, I thought I would just check your blog before we shut the computer down till we get back. Wow………you have really been getting around. The trip you and Dana had sure did sound like you had some pretty different experiences and fun to boot. It’s great that you two have so much in common to be able to just take off together.

    It is really grand to read your blog with all the neat comments and a look into your business life, too. You are reall having a grand time with all your different activities and your church work. God just continues to bless you for which we praise His Holy Name….amen

  2. What a nice trip Sarah. Dana looks like he was enjoying it. Just too bad you did not get to Taos, the home of Kit Carson. Lots of good history there about the settling of the south-west.

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