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Public Relations is for Suckers January 11, 2009

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Ah the wirlwind that is winter. I don’t even know what day it is most the time! So if I forget your birthday or something important like that….blame winter…or Powderhorn…just not me! My job is fun, but it can wear ya out pretty quickly. I try to keep a good balance but during ski season, the job tries hard to force its way into the rest of life. Reporters have my cell phone number and don’t hesitate to call anytime of day or night. Most of them are great. But there’s a precious few that have the point of view that if they’re awake…well everyone else must be too! Nevermind it’s 4am! Usually it’s because they just heard the word ‘Powderhorn’ come over the scanner (they are like ambulance chasers…literally!) and they want to know whats going on. Word reaches them before I even know there’s been an accident! So there I am on the phone going “uh…yeah…(official sounding voice) We’re not releasing any information at this time.”


But the one thing that makes me want to bang my head against the wall are some of the emails we get at work. I answer the general emails that come in from the website. The phone calls we get are just as good. Whenever the receptionist doesn’t know how to deal with someone, she passes them on to me. I can hear her say, “Hmmm…let me transfer you to Sarah.” NOOOOOOO! LEAVE ME OUT OF THIS! WHY GOD, WHY?!


People can come up with some doozies! Here are some examples:


Guest: I’m thinking of coming skiing on March 21st. How much snow are you going to have?
What I want to say:  Just one minute sir, let me just grab my crystal ball from my desk…


Guest: I don’t want to spend a lot of money, can you give me a special deal?
What I want to say: Well sure! Since you are apparently more important than any other guest I’ll make sure we roll out the red carpet when you get here too.


Guest: I missed the cutoff for season pass deals. Why didn’t you tell me it was coming up?!
What I want to say: Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was my job to hunt you down and remind you to purchase your pass! I’ll get on that though. While I’m at it, would you like to be reminded when it’s time to go to the grocery store too?


Guest: There’s too much snow today. I want my ticket refunded!
This actually happened at our ticket office! It was followed by blank stares and laughter in the back office. Usually people like it to snow at ski resorts!


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