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2008 Year in Review December 24, 2008

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 2008 will always be the year where…

About 6,000 people ran for President…and that’s all we got to hear about for an entire year.


People took tanning to a whole new level with the shade “Oompa Loompa orange.”


Reality shows started getting really desperate. We’re on the brink of “Who Wants to Date a 5th Grader?” and “America’s Next Top Dancing Makeup Artist”


If you asked really really nicely…and said pretty please, the government would give you a bailout.


The nightly news read like a trashy magazine from the grocery store aisle as politicians were hooking up with just about any girl that walked by.


People started naming their babies after objects such as “Tree” and intentionally misspelling even the simplest of names. Ex: Jamie = Jaiymiee


Everyone got a pair of those no-tred-slip-and-break-your-hip-in-actual-snow boots (Uggs).


OJ Simpson was arrested for the 100th time and finally found guilty!


Celebrities continued to tell US how to live OUR lives as THEY continued to blow the equivalent of my annual salary on one sweater.


China showed the world that they are, in fact, the leader in fireworks displays. And that they can make stadiums to look like a giant toilet seat.


For a brief and shinning moment, Saturday Night Live was funny again.


You probably got Rick Rolled….unless you never use YouTube or you don’t know what getting ‘Rick Rolled’ means and you thought you just clicked on the wrong video.


The iPhone enabled everyone to change their Facebook status 1,000 times a day. Sarah is at the store…Sarah is getting in my car…Sarah just got home….Sarah is using the bathroom…


Keith Olberman set a record for uttering the most sentences without taking a breath.


Sunglasses got so big they are now called windshields.



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