Getting humbled, one way or another

Assssspen December 22, 2008

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I like going to Aspen. It’s the best place to people watch, there’s almost always good snow, and there’s always something going on. My roomate and I snagged our friend Wendy and took the back roads to Aspen to ski Snowmass yesterday. The snow was good and the lift lines were short….and the Texans were few. Sorry but they tend to mob and muck up the slopes. They take that “Don’t Mess With Texas” attitude everywhere with them. Joe, you are excluded 🙂

Ran into some elk on top of McClure Pass…well thankfully didn’t literally run into them.


Me and the Maroon Bells. Gotta do a different pose each time I go.


Leah getting some tele turns


Wendy is incapable of making a normal face when there’s a camera around


It’s snowing like crazy at Powderhorn now, it’s gonna be a great Christmas week! It’s already snowed a couple inches here in town (which doesn’t happen too often) and the whole town is about to shut down! People freak out when it snows in town haha!


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