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Weather Girl December 12, 2008

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I think I’ve got a good chance at being a weather girl if this whole marketing gig doesn’t work out. We’re trying to get the mountain open right now and it’s all based around a large storm headed to the area. So we’ve all been fairly obsessed with the forecast lately. I look at temperatures, wind, accumulation predictions, and the satellite feed all the time. The girl that lives across the hall from me is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service so she’s always giving me updates too.


So it’s safe to say I have the mountain’s forecast completely memorized at any given time. Especially now.


This is the time of year where I lose a little anonymity around Grand Junction. I’m the PIO (public information officer) for the mountain, so it’s just the time of year that I’m on the news a lot. I’ll be standing in line at the grocery store and someone will ask me what the mountain is looking like, or when we’re going to open. I’m always struck dumb for a bit because I can’t figure out how they know I work there. The poor folks get a blank stare while they’re waiting for their answer. Then I finally break into my routine about fronts, cells, and storm patterns. All I’m missing is a big hair-do and that clicky thing to change the screen.

Now if I can figure out how to work a green-screen, there may be a future there 🙂


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