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Kissing Sanity Goodbye December 9, 2008

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What is it about Walmart that can make an otherwise sane person completely lose it?


I needed to purchase that HD Converter box thingy since I don’t have (nor do I want) cable. I got my little coupon from the government so I took off for Wally World to check the task off my list. I also wanted to pick up a new TV stand since the one I own is roughly the size and weight of the Titanic. It’s a hand-me-down from a friend’s move….I don’t even remember who it was now.


First I head to the electronics section to get the box. Can’t find it. So I ask a “friendly Walmart Associate” where to find it. They’re so happy and helpful in their commercials. In reality, all I got was, “uh…they’re over there” and a quick head nod. Ooook. Despite the stellar directions, it still took me several laps in that direction to find it.


Then I head over to the cheesy furniture section and pick out what I want. I was able to finagle the thing off the shelf but couldn’t lift it into my cart. An employee was at the end of the isle….I don’t know how she could have missed seeing my struggle in her peripheral. So I head over to ask her, just as she slips around the corner. The chase is on! But when I get around the corner she’s gone. Back to the cart….she shows up again. And again, as I start to ask for help she disappears around the corner again. And again I try to chase her down. Is she some kind of phantom? A hologram? Is there another dimension in Walmart that she slipped into? WHAT THE _____ IS GOING ON?


Now I lie in wait….this time when she comes back into the realm of normal human existence I’ll get her. The poor lady probably thought she was getting jumped at first. At least I got her.


Next I’m going to need help getting it into my car. I asked the happy lady that gives out stickers by the door. “Oh yeah I can’t do that…and I can’t call anyone to help you.” No gold stars for service there. So I go ask a cashier and she grunts something and then presses some secret button at her station. Honestly I was looking for a trap door or security coming after me or something. I got the impression they just wanted to get rid of me.


The saving grace was the lady that finally did show up to help me. She was polite and efficient. Whew!


Now I have to figure out how to assemble my TV stand. There’s probably a lot of potential there for cussing and another blog post. We’ll see.


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