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Thanksgiving December 1, 2008

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Jesse, Rhonda, Shelby and I made the trip up to Sheridan all last week for Thanksgiving. It was most of my family’s first time seeing Shelby since she was born. I didn’t do too good a job taking pictures all week but I’m posting what I have here.


My holiday got a little disrupted by the devil flu (norovirus). After Thanksgiving dinner (the 2nd of the day) I started feeling a little funny. I thought maybe I had eaten too much or something. Then my intimate relationship with the bathroom began. We’re talking exorcist style vomiting. I ended up going to the hospital that night. I’m laying in the bed looking like I’m barely clinging to life and in walks a very attractive young doctor. We had a great detailed conversation about the horrendous things that had been happening to my body the last few hours. Not attractive Sarah. They gave me magic pills though and I got better over the next 24 hours.


On the drive there, I got stuck in little Baggs, WY due to a crash. So this nice guy showed me how to bypass it and get back to the highway. He led me on a network of dirt roads. It definitely occured to me that he could be leading me to the boonies to kill me. We came up on a horse standing in the road that refused to move. Even honking the horn did nothing at first. When he was good and ready, he moved on.



Some antelope somewhere in the middle of Wyoming.


Man they like to shoot stuff up there


Kiaya wanted to do her own makeup. Pretty sure thats lip gloss on her right cheek.


Took Shelby down to the Christmas Stroll. She was bundled up like that kid in A Christmas Story



Dad and Shelby


PJ time! Kiaya and Shelby


Clearly Gabe was not paying attention


I was just trying to have a nice picture of the two of us and she had to go and do that. Makes it cuter!



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