Getting humbled, one way or another

Call of the Wild November 20, 2008

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I’ve really been getting in touch with nature at work lately. Actually nature has been getting in touch with me.

The other day I was trucking along at my desk when I started hearing a lot of banging and scratching under my office and on the walls. I didn’t think much of it. Just figured someone was working on the building. After about an hour I got suspicious. So I went down the hall and asked some coworkers if anyone was outside working. Nope. Well then, something (that doesn’t sound too small) is trying to tunnel into my office!

I tried to keep working but the sounds were getting louder…and closer. I could hear something scratching in the ducts. Closer…..closer…BAM! A raccoon pops through my floor vent. I’m not gonna lie, I screamed. The raccoon disappeared back to its lair and coworkers came running. I got very little sympathy amongst the laughter.


Then 2 days ago I noticed a cute little cat running around outside. Pretty odd for being up in the mountains. So I went after it and tried to tame him. It took about 30 minutes (I should really be working) but I got him lured into a side door of the building. He’s feral and pretty skitish. Just when I had him where I wanted him, my boss came around the corner. BUSTED!  Turns out she’s extremely allergic. So no office cat for me.

Maybe they’ll let me have a chipmunk.


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