Getting humbled, one way or another

Denver Ski Expo November 10, 2008

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I spent the weekend in Denver working at the big ski expo. It’s a fun…but long show. Ten hours each day Friday- Sunday…by Sunday you get loopy. But you just get to hang out with friends and talk to people about how excited we all are for the coming season. Not too bad a gig.


On the way over we stopped on top of Vail Pass to play in the snow and slide around in the parking lot. It was only 9 degrees up there….refreshing!


Our little section of the expo


Thousands of people show up to snag deals. A few show up just to grab as much free crap as possible.
Guy: Where is Powderhorn?
Me: Near Grand Junction on the Grand Mesa.
Guy: Oh, cool. Too far for me. Can I just take a sticker?
Me: Sure.
Guy proceeds to take 10 stickers of every color.
So you don’t want to come ski here…you just want to look like you did??

This guy also takes 4 chapsticks from the Sunlight booth. Who needs that much chapstick?


Leah helped out with the show and Wendy came up from CO Springs to hang out. And Wendy can’t share.


I ordered a high table so when the going gets rough….you go under and take a nap.


Having a good time


By Sunday this is the only thing to keep you going.



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