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Halloweekend November 3, 2008

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Top 3 things about this weekend:

1. Eating Smarties until I got a tummy ache

2. Extra hour of sleep

3. Getting voting over with


I spent Halloween over at a friend’s house where we had a cheesy movie marathon. My favorite was Maximum Overdrive which is an old Stephen King movie. I can’t imagine this being one he is proud of. I bet he conveniently leaves it off his resume. Plot summary: Set in the 80s. Earth is passing through the tail of a comet where there are aliens hiding out. The aliens are invisible but take over all the machines on earth and they attack people. Seriously, there were lawn mowers chasing a kid on a bike. And a guy got killed by a pop machine shooting cans everywhere. So Emilio Estevez and company spend the whole movie just trying to get by. The movie ends with nothing spectacular happening and just some words on the screen telling of how the Russians nuked the UFO and freed the earth from the possessed machines.

I can’t believe it didn’t win an Oscar.


Here I am enjoying my new lobster cup. This was the best garage sale find ever.

On Saturday my roomate and I went for a hike since it was so nice. We attempted to hike Devil’s Canyon but somehow got on the wrong trail and ended up on a cliff above the canyon. Still good to get out.

Here is the snake that Leah stepped on. I wish I had a picture of her when I told her she had just stepped on a snake. Thankfully the little guy was ok…but kinda mad.

We were bushwacking around trying to find the right trail. I thought I found an easy way down into this wash. Nope! It looks like you can just hop down, but no.

And to top of a good weekend, news came in that we should be getting hit with snow this week!


2 Responses to “Halloweekend”

  1. Andi Says:

    OK, you need to learn your crustaceans you WY girl. That is a CRAB cup!

    Also, I have attempted the Devils hike and also ended up at the top. There is actually supposed to be a waterfall up there in the moist season….but I think it may just be a drip.

  2. sarahallen24 Says:

    Well if they didn’t all have pinchy claws it wouldn’t be so confusing!

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