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Family Visit October 20, 2008

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My Mom and Stepdad came down from Sheridan to visit last week. Since there is a baby down here, I think I’ll see them a little more often than when it was just me. My Mom’s defense was, “Hey I was just down here 3 years ago!” 

We did some sightseeing down in the San Juans, played with Shelby a lot, and laughed a lot.

Mom, Dick, Shelby and Mt. Sneffles

Mt. Sneffles (my favorite)

A major milestone was completed by little Shelby last week. She successfully ate tiny pieces of pizza crust that Dick fed to her. Rhonda told us that Shelby normally has a hard time eating anything solid. It causes her to upchuck instantly.

I don’t think we grasped the fullness of what Rhonda said until we were at Outback Steakhouse the night before my parents left. They gave Shelby some baby food and then a Graduates rice puff, which are supposed to instantly dissolve in kid’s mouthes so they can learn to eat solids. She’s had them before. Well as soon as that thing went into her mouth her face got red and the gagging began. Two solid dry heaves and then 3 flowing gobs of baby food. My mom and I were laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe. Not helpful I know. After her re-enactment of Old Faithful, Shelby went back to happily playing with her toy.

Let’s hope she gets the hang of solids before she hits kindergarden.


2 Responses to “Family Visit”

  1. Jenny Nunn Says:

    Hey girl, love your blog, life seems to be treating you well. Who is the adorable little girl in the photos with your mom and Dick??

  2. sarahallen24 Says:

    Hi! great to hear from you! It’s not my baby girl 😉 She is actually my niece who was adopted by some close friends here in Grand Junction. That’s the short end of it…pretty awesome!

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