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McClure Pass to Aspen October 6, 2008

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I took a drive on Friday over McClure Pass as an alternate route to Aspen. It was cloudy and threatening to rain/snow the whole time but it was still cool to see the colors changing!

I made my roomate model for me.

Me at the Crystal River

A cool old church in Aspen

I landed in Aspen for a ski & snowboard film fest. It’s one of the few events I can afford in that crazy town.

The best movie I saw was “Reasons” which is a fantastic ski documentary with all the best athletes. Most of the pros from the film were there and had not seen the movie yet themselves. Leah and I were sitting in the back and all the pros came and sat all around us! It was really cool to watch a ski movie with the people in it right next to you. They were cheering each other on, it was a great atmosphere. And right on que, it snowed this weekend for the first time of the season.

Almost time to ski!


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