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Working Weekends September 22, 2008

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I had to work all this weekend which is not so great when it isn’t ski season. When working on a Saturday during ski season I typically get to see lots of friends at the mountain and sneak out to take a couple runs with them.


But I guess I shouldn’t complain about this weekened either. We were a sponsor of the Colorado Mtn. Winefest this year which is a HUGE event in Palisade. We had a tent setup on Saturday and spent the day tasting wines and chatting with people about skiing. Imagine how much fun we had people watching…especially as it got later in the afternoon. So many happy people!


You know that old line about the weather… Just wait 5 minutes etc?  That happened on Saturday. Sunny, nice, everyone is enjoying themselves. And then the wind picked up and a couple huge gusts came through. One blew everything off of our table, sending brochures flying everywhere. I made those brochures and it took FOREVER so I was not about to let one of them get away. I bet I looked like one of those people in those machines where they give you 30 seconds to grab as much flying cash as possible. There were several thousand people at this event so imagine the area in front of our tent packed. A big branch from a cottonwood above us, snapped off in the storm and fell onto the crowd! Two women had to be taken to the hosiptal! Talk about a party killer. They are going to be fine by the way.


Yesterday was the first of two Color Sundays at Powderhorn. We run the main chairlift and let people take rides to see the fall colors. Plus we have live music, lots of food, hiking, disc golf, and kid’s activities. It’s a pretty easy day. I helped process season passes and you just get to talk to people about how excited they are to ski.


Not too exciting of a weekend, but I will be doing some hiking next weekend and then going to catch the fall colors in Aspen the weekend after. So I’ll have some good pictures coming soon.


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