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Politickering September 15, 2008

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That’s a cross between politics and bickering. Since all we’ve seen in politics lately is bickering back and forth…I think the ship has sailed on legitimate politics.


Barack Obama came to Grand Junction today. I happened to have the day off so a friend and I road our bikes over to the rally to watch the spectacle. The line to get in was a several blocks long on Patterson road which is one of the busiest streets in Junction. We jumped in line and had a great time people watching. Across the street, the McCain/Palin people had setup camp. I thought that was pretty gutsy! This just set off the Obama crowd and screaming obscenities were traded back and forth. People drove by honking for their respective sides. Then a guy drove by, laying on the horn, and gave the finger to the entire line of people. I have to admit, it made me laugh pretty hard….even though I was technically being flipped off as well.


Then we got inside and it was an endless string of local politicians, senators, and our governor screaming about how “this is a fight” and the “battle lines are drawn.” I thought to myself, this is very much an “us” vs. “them” kind of thing. Not good. Oh and rabbit trail here…if you have a microphone, DON’T SCREAM INTO IT. IT’S QUITE UNPLEASANT TO LISTEN TO!


When Obama finally came out he jumped right into attacks on McCain. Sorry but I showed up to hear something worthwhile on your plans and strategies to CHANGE my life. Unfortunately I heard attacks and fluff.


I’m going to try and stay away from the crazy politickering this year. When those silly ads come on, I’m changing the channel. Before you know it, you’ll see things like this:


Over dramatic voiceover: Barack Obama voted 300 times to outlaw kittens. Is that someone we want as our President?

Highly concerned voiceover: John McCain never served in the Vietnam War. He was actually married to the wife of a Viet Cong soldier and raising their 13 children.


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