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Yard Sale of Epic Proportions September 11, 2008

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The term ‘epic’ is used a little loosely here. But it’s definitely going to be a HUGE yard sale and we aren’t keeping any of the money! All proceeds will be split between Blood:Water Mission and the International Justice Mission (see below for info on these orgs).

So for all you Grand Junctionites….come shop this Saturday!
6am-3pm  Donations of Starbucks are welcome for those working 🙂
642 Grand View Circle

We have so much great stuff that has been donated by over 20 people! For example:

Furniture- tables, chairs, shelves, couches
Ski & Snowboard gear- jackets, hoodies, hats, goggles, snowboards, snowboard boots
Tons of clothing

International Justice Mission-  IJM secures justice for victims of slavery, sex trade, and other forms of violent oppression.

Blood:Water Mission-  Founded by the band Jars of Clay, BWM seeks to provide 1,000 fresh water wells to communities in Africa that do not have clean drinking water.

Please come and support!


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