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The Best in Advertising September 8, 2008

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I confess, I am a marketing geek. When I watch TV, I am a critic of every commercial. Most of what I see is garbage…well most of TV is garbage! We see so many ads that now the typical consumer just blocks them out. That’s why I have to be extra careful in my job. I have to make sure that what we create grabs attention and directly gives people the information they need. The rest is just a waste of money.

Here are my favorite ads of the last year:

Best Print Ad– Durex (condom company)
Pretty tounge-in-cheek….simple and so smart!

Best Overall Campaign– Apple
You’ve seen these I’m sure either online or on TV. They are funny, witty, and make a clear point. Usually it’s not smart to talk so much about your competitor, but in this case it’s done so very well!

Best Local TV Ad– Johnson’s Automotive
I LOVE these commercials. There are several that play on the common stereotypes of car shopping. Check out YouTube for all of them.

Best National TV Ad– Discovery Channel
Promotes all their shows and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.


2 Responses to “The Best in Advertising”

  1. dan Says:

    Good post here. Very professional blogger like.

  2. sarahallen24 Says:

    hahaha thanks!

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