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My Summer Vacation August 28, 2008

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Ok not so much a vacation but there have been lots of mini-vacations! Here are some of the pictures.

Spent about 10 days in Sheridan with everyone and it was great! Got to go backpacking in the Cloud Peak Wilderness.

And play a lot with Kiaya

Then I got to climb a couple more 14ers (Redcloud and Sunshine) with ski industry friends.
View from the top of Redcloud
Katie wins best hair.
Then I went to Seattle. Met lots of people, went up the Space Needle, to a Mariners game, on a ferry ride, and sea kayaking.
Went backpacking again, this time above Aspen.
It got cold and then snowed at night so we had to pack out a day early.
Well that’s probably enough for now. I also went up to Bozeman and had an awesome time with Nicole & Matt. Best whitewater rafting I’ve ever done!
A bunch of us are going to Moab this weekend to camp out under the stars and hike. I’ll take pictures!

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